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AI for Everyone LESSON 25: First Attempt at Using MediaPipe for Gesture Detection

In this lesson we describe what our approach will be to creating a gesture detection and recognition algorithm using mediaPipe. We will demonstrate the algorithm with some simple code demos. In future lessons we will further develop the algorithm.  The code below is the initial algorithm developed in this video. Enjoy!


AI For Everyone: Parsing Pose and Hand Data Landmarks from Mediapipe

 In this video lesson we show you how to create simple Python classes to parse the data from mediapipe hand Landmarks and pose estimation. With these two classes, it is very easy to parse the most important data generated by mediapipe.


Python 3D Graphics Tutorial 18: 3D Clock Model with Proper Hand Motion


In this lesson we create an Analog Clock Model with proper hand motion. The code developed in the lesson is shown below:


AI for Everyone LESSON 16: Face Recognition with OpenCV

Guys in this lesson we learn how to not only detect faces in an image, but also recognize who the person is. We start by training our model with known faces, and then find and identify those faces in other pictures. For your convenience, I include the code developed in this lesson below.


AI for Everyone LESSON 15: Face Detection using OpenCV

In this video lesson we show a simple method to detect faces in a WEB cam frame using openCV and Haar Cascades. We use pretrained models to find, box and track faces in a frame. Enjoy!