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Raspberry Pi LESSON 59: Improved Pan/Tilt Tracking Control Algorithm


In this Video Lesson we show an improved control algorithm for tracking an Object of Interest in OpenCV. We develop a simple example of Proportional control, where the correction signal is proportional to the error signal. We show this is a much improved algorithm over our earlier one, which simply applied 1 degree corrections independent of the size of the error. The code we develop in this lesson is included below for your convenience.


Raspberry Pi LESSON 58: Control System for Pan/Tilt Camera Hat for RPi Camera

In this video lesson, we should a simple control algorithm for a pan tilt camera to track an Object of Interest in OpenCV. We train the device to recognize an Object of Interest based on color, and then the camera is adjusted to keep the object in the center of the frame as the device moves. For your convenience, the code developed in the lesson is included belos.