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Raspberry Pi LESSON 63: Object Detection on Raspberry Pi Using Tensorflow Lite

In this lesson I show you how to do object detection on the Raspberry Pi using Tensorflow Lite. We will write our first program and by the end of the lesson you will have your Pi detecting objects, boxing them and labeling them in OpenCV.

The video demonstrates step-by-step how to install the tensorflow libraries.

For your convenience I have included the code below we develop in this lesson


AI for Everyone LESSON 15: Face Detection using OpenCV

In this video lesson we show a simple method to detect faces in a WEB cam frame using openCV and Haar Cascades. We use pretrained models to find, box and track faces in a frame. Enjoy!


Tracking Two Colors in OpenCV

In this video lesson we show  how you can track two different colored objects at the same time in OpenCV. It is the homework solution to the homework we assigned in the last lesson. It will also serve as the starting code for future lessons