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Measure Temperature and Humidity on the Raspberry Pi Pico W

In this video lesson we show how to create a simple project where the Raspberry Pi Pico W is connected to a DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor. The Pico measures the temperature and humidity from the sensor, and then displays it both on the Computer Screen, and on the LCD display we have connected to the Pico.  The display toggles between showing degrees C and degrees F via a pushbutton. The schematic for the circuit is shown below:

Raspberry Pi Pico with DHT11
Schematic showing how to connect LCD, pushbutton and DHT11 to the Raspberry Pi Pico W

Below is the software we developed for this project. Note you must first install the LCD library, which we show how to do HERE.


Arduino Tutorial 34: Simplest Way to Use a Pushbutton Switch

In this lesson we show you a quick hack that will allow you to incorporate a pushbutton switch into an Arduino project without having to use an external pullup resistor, and still get very stable operation. The trick is to create a digital input pin, which in our example is pin 2. We then digitalWrite that INPUT pin HIGH. What that does is put an internal pullup resistor on pin 2, and then connects it to 5 volts. In effect, we are using a clever command to use the Arduino’s internal pullup resistors. The code below is what we used in the video. Enjoy!