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MicroPython MultiCore Programming on the Raspberry Pi Pico Using Threading

In this video I show how to use both cores on the Raspberry Pi Pico W. We will explore an example using threading where we will operate 2 LED and a servo.


Servo Library for the Raspberry Pi Pico W in MicroPython

In this lesson we demonstrate how to create a custom library on the Raspberry Pi Pico W to control a servo. We create a servo class, and then show how to use it as a library in future programs.


How to Write Modular Code With Micropython Functions

In this lesson we show how to write modular code in micropython. We demonstrate this with a simple example of how to calculate parameters of interest for a given rectangle. For your convenience, the code developed in the video is presented below. Enjoy!


Calibrating Joystick to Show Positional Angle in MicroPython on the Raspberry Pi Pico W


In this Video Lesson we show how to calibrate a joystick to report Angular Position. We do this using MicroPython on a Raspberry Pi Pico W. For your convenience, the code is included below.


Remove Long Term Steady State Errors from MPU6050 Tilt Measurements

In this video lesson I show you how to remove long term steady state error from the tilt values calculated from the MPU6050 IMU. We are using the following schematic for our prototype.

MPU 6050
Schematic for Creating a Tilt Meter

For your convenience, this is the code we developed in the video.