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Robotics Training LESSON 7: Calibrating the Smart Car for Distance and Speed

In this lesson we show how to program the Elegoo Smart car to operate with user defined speed and distance. This allows programming by simply stacking simple pre-defined functions. If you want to play along at home, you can get the hardware I am using in this series HERE.


Robotics Training LESSON 6: Controlling DC Motor Speed with the L298N

In this video lesson we see how the speed of the Robot Car can be changed by doing analogWrite commands to the Enable pins on the L298N DC motor controllers. The code below presents the results we developed in the video.


ROBOTICS Training LESSON 4: Fundamentals of Robot Motor Control Using L298N Module

In the video tutorial above we describe the fundamentals of Robot Motor Control Using the L298N control module. This establishes the core functions that will be used throughout the remainder of these lessons. We show how we can create the core motion components of forward, backward, turn left and turn right. The code developed in the lesson above is presented below for your convenience. If you would like to play along at home, you can get the hardware I am using HERE:



Robotics Training LESSON 1: An Introduction to Robotics for Absolute Beginners

It is time for you to begin to put all the things you have learned about the arduino together into a practical application. In this series of lessons we will show how to apply what you learned in our most excellent arduino lessons to use. We will be building and programming the Elegoo Smart Car. If you home gamers want to play along, you can grab your gear HERE.