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ROBOTICS Training LESSON 4: Fundamentals of Robot Motor Control Using L298N Module

In the video tutorial above we describe the fundamentals of Robot Motor Control Using the L298N control module. This establishes the core functions that will be used throughout the remainder of these lessons. We show how we can create the core motion components of forward, backward, turn left and turn right. The code developed in the lesson above is presented below for your convenience. If you would like to play along at home, you can get the hardware I am using HERE:



Arduino Tutorial 66: Controlling DC Motor, Speed and Direction with a Remote

IR Control DC Motor
Circuit for IR Remote Control of DC Motor

In this lesson we develop a project that allow Remote Control of the speed and direction of a DC Motor. We use an Arduino Nano, and components from the Elegoo Kit. Also, to facilitate a clean build, we use Straight Jumper Wires.

The motor is connected according to this schematic:

DC Motor Controller
Connection Diagram for a DC Motor Controller using the L293 Control Chip

Also, the remote control receiver is connected as follows: R on Remote to 5V, G on Remote to Ground, and Y on the Remote to Arduino Digital Pin 9. Go back and check out Tutorial 65 if you need more details on the Remote Module Connections.

In this video we will take you step by step through the build and coding for the project.

The code below is the software we developed in the video.