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Robotics Training LESSON 17: Measuring Distance to Obstacle using the HC-SR04

In this video lesson we show how to use the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor to detect the distance to obstacles in a robotic application. We use the sensor to measure the time it takes for a ping to travel from the sensor, to the target, and then back. We use this measured time, and the known speed of sound to calculate the distance to the target. This will be used in future lessons to keep the robot from running into an obstacle.


Robotics Training LESSON 15: Using the BLE Bluetooth Module for Robotic Control

In this lesson we show how to control the Elegoo Smart Car Robot Kit using the Bluetooth module. This allows much more accurate control than what was possible with the IR Remote. Below is the code which we developed in the lesson.


Robotics Training LESSON 14: Using the BLE Bluetooth Module to Control the Arduino Elegoo Smart Car

In this lesson we learn how to use bluetooth with the Arduino. We show how you can control the Elegoo Smart Car from a Bluetooth App. We show how to download the app on your phone, and then how to program the Ap to control the smart car.


Robotics Training LESSON 12: Programming Travel Distance with Infrared (IR) Remote

In this lesson we show how to use the Infrared (IR) Remote to program the Elegoo Smart Car. We use the remote to specify the distance in feet we want the robot car to travel.  (If you guys want to play along at home, you can pick up your robot car HERE.)


Robotics Training LESSON 10: Using the Infrared (IR) Remote to Control Robot

In this lesson we show how to use the IR remote in the Elegoo Smart Car to send signals to the robot. The IR remote sends IR signals to the IR detector on the Electronic Shield sitting on top of the Smart Car. In this lesson we show how to install the IR library, and how to write code to send and detect IR signals. The code we develop in today’s lesson is included below for your convenience.