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Measuring Roll, Pitch, and Yaw Using 3-Axis Gyro on the MPU6050

In this video lesson we describe how to measure roll, pitch, and yaw using the MPU6050. We describe the issues associated with drift in these gyros and will propose a path forward in dealing with the drift issue.

We are using the following circuit for this project:

MPU 6050
Schematic for Creating a Tilt Meter

And this is the code we develop in today’s lesson.


LCD1602 Display Library for Micropython and the Raspberry Pi Pico W

This is some demonstration sample code showing use of the LCD1602 as an LCD display for the Raspberry Pi Pico W. The code is explained in the video above. It will prompt a user for his name, and then display a greeting on the LCD.


Below is the library for the Sunfounder Kepler Kit LCD1602 display. It allows the LCD display to operate with the Raspberry Pi Pico W. The code should be copied and pasted into Thonny, and then saved to your Raspberry Pi Pico W, to the same folder that contains you Python code. It MUST be saved with file name lcd1602.py