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Using the Raspberry Pi Camera on Bullseye OS and OpenCV

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Then the following code will allow you to grab a frame and show a frame in a window. Looking this sequence creates a live video preview on your Raspberry Pi Screen.


Raspberry Pi LESSON 38: Motion Detection Alarm with Multiple Alarms

In this video lesson we show how to create an Alarm System based on a Raspberry Pi, with user input from a keypad, and user prompts on an I2C LCD Display. From the earlier lessons in this series, you must install the LCD1602 Library, and you must install the keypad library. We include the code that we develop in this lesson below for your convenience:


Raspberry Pi LESSON 37: Raspberry Pi Security System


In this lesson we add an audible alarm to our security system. I am connecting to a Bluetooth speaker, and then using the pygame library to play an alarm sound. The pygame library will play any .mp3 file, so search the internet and find a suitable alarm sound for your system. I amusing an air raid siren, and really like it! Below for your convenience is the code we develop in this video:


Raspberry Pi LESSON 36: Motion Detection Alarm System With LCD and Keypad

In this lesson we show the basic framework for an Alarm System with operator control through a keypad, and output to an LCD screen. We incorporate a PIR sensor to detect motion. In the next lesson we will add an audible alarm. For your convenience, the code developed in the above video is included below:


Library for Reading a 16 Button Keypad on the Raspberry Pi

In this lesson we show you how to create a Python Class and Library that allows you to easily get user input on a Raspberry Pi from a 16 button keypad. This will allow very easy interaction with the keypad.

The Library Code which we develop in the video is presented below for your convenience:

To use this code as a library, save it in the same folder as your python programs, and save it as


This is a simple demo program that calls the library above, to receive input from the keypad.