Keys to a Successful Engineering Career

So many times when I see people giving advice on how to succeed, they are people who have never done anything. The only skill they have is to give motivational speeches. They are full of advice, but why should you listen to them, unless you want to become a motivational speaker. If you want advice on how to succeed in engineering, listen to a successful engineer. I was a very successful engineer, and worked at the executive level in both the National Laboratory in New Mexico, and at a Silicon Valley High Tech company I started. So, I am someone who can tell you how to succeed in engineering, because I did. I am going to tell you the things I learned, and the things I wish someone had told me. The best part is it is all free. Hope you enjoy these lessons, and hope you will comment and share with others.

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 1: This lesson is an introduction and will give you a little about my background and the motivation for wanting to go into engineering.

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 2: Being a successful engineer starts early. In this lesson, we tell high school students what they should be doing now to get poised for a successful engineering career.

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 3: This lesson is targeted towards college students, and lets you know what to expect and how to succeed. Many people who want to be engineers get weeded out in college and can not make it through the difficult engineering courses. This lesson has advice on how NOT to be a victim, and how to be one who not only survives but thrives in college.

Successful Engineering Career SUPPLEMENT A: Deciding where you should work is an important decision. This lesson will help you make the important decision of whether you should pursue a career with a small or large company.

Successful Engineering Career SUPPLEMENT B: After deciding whether you are better suited for a small or large company you must decide whether you are better suited for a job in Research, Development, or Application. This lesson will help you know what to expect, and how to make this critical decision.

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 4: A successful Engineering Career starts with landing your dream job. Having a good resume can make you or break you. This lesson has inside secrets on getting a winning resume.

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 5: In this lesson we show you how to prepare for your big interview day. If you have been invited for an interview, the job is yours to lose . . . BE PREPARED!

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 6: In this lesson we go over the most common mistakes people make in a job interview. Knowing what they are will allow you to avoid them.

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 7: How to handle those really tough interview questions. Watch this lesson and go into your interview prepared.

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 8: In this lesson we will discuss the all important meal time interview. You might be invited to a lunch or dinner interview, and we give you advice here on how to nail that interview.

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 9: In this lesson we will discuss site visit interviews. If you impress the on campus recruiter, you will likely be invited to a day of on-site interviews. In this lesson we tell you what to expect and how to properly prepare for a successful site visit.

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 10: OK you have your dream job. Did you know that your first year on the job will make or break your career. Watch this video to learn how to not kill our career in your first year.

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 11: In this lesson we will discuss the importance of not making enemies. Enemies will wreck your career, so stay on good terms with people as best you can.

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 12: Engineers tend to be prone to pride. Hence many engineers are not good at taking constructive feedback or career advice. In this lesson we give you some tips on how to effectively take career feedback.

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 13: As an engineer, particularly if you are going into management, you will need to know how to give people feedback. In this lesson we teach you how effective leaders give criticism or feedback. It is important to know how to do it in such a way the person is able to take it, and not feel like they are being attacked.

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 14: Respect is one of the most important attributes of a successful engineer. Even as a new engineer, you will likely have to interact with support staff such as technicians, secretaries and office people. Treating such support staff with respect is very important part of a successful engineering career.

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 15:  The successful engineer is always willing to get his hands dirty. There is nothing worse than an engineer that wants to sit in his office all day, in front of a computer screen. The successful engineer spends lots of time on the production floor or out in the field.

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 16: One of the most important skills in advancing your engineering career is to be an effective communicator. Often a person chosen for promotion or an important assignment is the person who can communicate the best.

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 17: You are going to run into difficult people in any job you have. An important skill to have is the ability to work with difficult people. Developing this skill will enhance your career immensely.

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 18: There will always be conflict in any organization you work in. If you develop conflict resolution skills, you will be viewed as a problem solver, not a problem creator. Developing the skill shown in this lesson will help you distinguish yourself in your organization.

Successful Engineering Career LESSON 19: It is important to never be viewed as a whiner. Hence you should carefully consider what problems should be taken to your boss, and how to bring those problems to your boss. This lesson teaches you the fine points of raising issues without being viewed as a complainer.

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