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Python 3D Graphics Tutorial 21: Understanding and Using Widgets in Vpython

In this video Lesson, we show how to interact with a Python model using widgets. We show how Vpython allows use of dropdown menus, radio buttons, check boxes and slider bars. These combine to give the user great control over an animated model. In past lessons we changed parameters by editing the program. By incorporating widgets we can allow non-programmers to effectively interact with a model.


AI For Everyone: Parsing Pose and Hand Data Landmarks from Mediapipe

 In this video lesson we show you how to create simple Python classes to parse the data from mediapipe hand Landmarks and pose estimation. With these two classes, it is very easy to parse the most important data generated by mediapipe.


Distinguish Between Right and Left Hands in MediaPipe


In this video lesson we explore how to parse the data set returned from mediapipe to understand whether a given hand is a right hand or a left hand. Mediapipe has a method which determines the handedness of a found hand. We will show how to alter our data parsing class from earlier lessons to include the handedness of the found  hands. Enjoy!


AI for Everyone: Developing a Gesture Based Arcade Game Based on Mediapipe and Python

In this video lesson we introduce the concept of using OpenCV and Mediapipe to create gesture based arcade games in Python. In this lesson we suggest creating a gesture based version of the classic Pong arcade game. We show enough to get started, and your homework is to complete the game.


Python 3D Graphics Tutorial 18: 3D Clock Model with Proper Hand Motion


In this lesson we create an Analog Clock Model with proper hand motion. The code developed in the lesson is shown below: