About Us

Welcome to this WEB site. I am a former electrical engineer now working as a High School teacher. I teach math and engineering classes. I have a passion for learning and a passion for teaching. My goal with this site is to help you learn how to do cool new things. I work a lot with the Arduiono Microcontroller, the Raspberry Pi and I really like Python. I also am an avid hydroponic gardener and high altitude balloonist. I hope to share lots of what I have learned about sending home brew instrument packages to the edge of space and bringing them back safely. So buckle up and lets get some projects going!

Those of you who have asked about my studio setup:

I am using green screen and lighting, which is available HERE:

I am using a high end sony camera, but a Logitech 920 is a good start, available HERE:

You can use the micropone on the logitech camera, or if you want better audio, you can use a Yeti Blue, available HERE.

I am using wirecast to record and stream the videos.

Making The World a Better Place One High Tech Project at a Time. Enjoy!

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