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Arduino Tutorial 24: Understanding Passive Buzzers

In this lesson we show you how to incorporate sound into your project using a passive buzzer. Passive Buzzers have the advantage that they are less expensive than active buzzers, and you can more precisely control the tone. This lesson will show you how to hook up the buzzer, and then how to code the arduino to produce different tones.

If you want to follow along at home, you can order the Arduino Kit we are using HERE.

The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Project: To the Edge of Space with Raspberry Pi

We have what we consider to be the Ultimate Raspberry Pi project . . . we send a Raspberry Pi instrument package to space, and telemeter live data back to earth, including live video over HAM radios. We do the telemetry with an innovative technique we call Ethernet over Ham, where we use the 2.39 GHz Ham band right below commercial WiFi.

We have had 5 successful launches, and are preparing for the launch of Eagle VI in Early February, 2017. Watch the video and see a live demonstration of our raspberry pi based system. Enjoy!