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Fusion 360 LESSON 3: Understanding Constraints

If you did not cut your teeth on 3D CAD tools, then you probably have struggled to learn programs like Fusion 360. One of the primary reasons for the struggle is not understanding the concept of constraints. In this tutorial, we will explain constraints, and how to use them for your benefit. One of the main reasons things do not behave how you expect in Fusion 360 is not understanding constraints and how they work. This lesson will allow you to master constraints.

Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 13: Hitting the Wall


In this lesson we hit the wall with Sketchup as we find that more complex 3D designs can be created, but errors occur when the .stl files are generated, and therefore these more complex shapes can not be printed. The challenge is for some of these designs, even .stl file corrector can not fix the problem. Bottom line is that for more sophisticated designs, we need to move to a more capable CAD software system.