Python with Arduino LESSON 13: Calculating Height from Pressure measurements from BMP180 Pressure Sensor.

It is time to bring together a lot of things we have learned in our earlier lessons to create a Height-O-Meter, which will plot how high our BMP180 pressure sensor is above the floor. For this lesson we make simplifying assumption of constant temperature. When we use the sensor for our space probe or other high altitude experiments we will need to derive the equation again to take into account changing temperature. We went through the math of calculating height from changing pressure in LESSON 12.

In this lesson, we start with the software we developed in LESSON 11 for measuring, streaming, and plotting pressure and temperature data from the BMP180 sensor.

Remember, we connect the sensor to the Arduino as follows:

Connecting Up the BMP180 Pressure and Temperature Sensor
BMP180 PinArduino Pin


The software we are using on the arduino side is shown below, from LESSON 11.

We modify the Python code from LESSON 11 as explained in the video above to get this code for the Python side.

 Please go through video for complete description of this software. Remember this is only valid for small changes in height over which temperature is constant.