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Beaglebone Black LESSON 2: Getting Started

In this lesson we show you how to boot up your Beaglebone Black, and how to connect via the Putty SSH terminal client, and how to remotely run the graphical desktop on your PC. If you do not already have your Beaglebone Black, you can pick up one HERE.

The Beaglebone black has only one USB connection, so I find the easiest way to work with it is to just connect by a remote desktop, instead of trying to connect screen, keyboard, and mouse directly to the Beaglebone. This lesson will get you started so you can get connected and talking to your Beaglebone.

Comparing the Arduino, Raspberry Pi Model 2, and Beaglebone Black

In this video we do a head to head comparison of the Arduino, Raspberry Pi Model 2, and the Beaglebone black. We compare the pros and cons of each platform and discuss how to decide which platform to learn on and which is best for different types of projects.

You can pick up the gear discussed in this video below:

Arduino: This is a great place to start, and the device is very affordable.

Sparkfun Inventor Kit: Everything you need to learn microcontroller programming and circuits. This is the kit we use in our Arduino Lessons, and even includes the Arduino.

Raspberry Pi Kit: This kit has everything you need to follow along on our Raspberry Pi Lessons.

Raspberry Pi: If you already have the cords and cables, you can buy just the Raspberry Pi.

Beaglebone Black: We are not working on a series of lessons showing you how to use the Beaglebone Black. Now would be a good time to go ahead and order your Beagle.

I hope you enjoyed this video lesson, and hope you will jump in and take our lessons on using the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and the Beaglebone Black