Arduino Tutorial 22: Understanding and Using Active Buzzers to Add Sound to Your Project

In this lesson we show you how to add sound to your Arduino project using a buzzer, The Elegoo Super Starter kit contains two buzzers, an active buzzer and a passive buzzer. The active buzzer is the easiest to use, as you just need to apply 5 volts to it to get it to go off. In this lesson we show you how simple it is to use the active buzzer with Arduino. In future lessons we will show you how to use the passive buzzer.

The advantage of the active buzzer is that it is easier to use. Just apply 5 volts, and it goes off. The advantage of the passive buzzer is that it is cheaper, and allows you more control of the tone, or pitch of the sound produced.  If you want to follow along at home, you can order the Arduino Kit we are using HERE.