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Low Cost High Quality Studio for Online and Distance Learning or Electronic School Using OBS

In this video lesson we show you how to create a high quality, easy to use, low cost studio for streaming from a classroom. We show how to install a powerful, free piece of software that will do everything you need. We show how to set up the software and how to use it for a number of different simple shots.

The minimum you will need is a simple WEB cam. The one we recommend is the Logitech High Definition, available HERE.

Next up, you will need some form of greenscreen. You can paint a wall behind you green, you can put green butcher paper behind you, or just about anything that will put a solid green background behind you. A convenient method if the budget allows is an actual green screen, available HERE.

Now, to take your production quality to the next level, the best thing you can do is get a quality microphone. I really like the Yeti, and that is what I use. You can get yours HERE.

This gear will give you what you need to do really nice live streams. If the budget allows the final thing that is really nice is a good set of studio lights, which you can gere HERE.