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Calibrating a Joystick on the Raspberry Pi Pico W in MicroPython

In this lesson we show how to get intuitive calibrated results from a joystick, connected to a Raspberry Pi Pico W, using microPython. This lesson will make it easy to incorporate a joystick into Pico W projects.

For your convenience, the code we develop in the video above is included below.


Measure Pitch and Roll with the MPU6050

Schematic for Creating a Tilt Meter

This is a simple example of how to measure Pitch and Roll using a 3-axis accelerometer as found on the MPU6050.


Calculating Frames Per Second (FPS) In OpenCV and Overlay on Frame

In this lesson we show how to instrument our code to calculate the Frames Per Second (FPS) we are achieving with our camera and OpenCV. We show how to display the FPS as an overlay on our video frame.


Raspberry Pi LESSON 13: Set Color of RGB LED with Push Buttons

In this video lesson we show how you can use pushbuttons and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to mix colors and create any color you want in an RGB LED. We are using the most excellent Sunfounder Ultimate Raspberry Pi kit, which you can snag HERE.

You will need to start by connecting up the following circuit. You will find all the components you need in the Sunfounder kit.

Circuit Diagram for connecting an RGB LED to a Raspberry PI

You can click on the circuit diagram for a bigger view. In the video above, we explain in detail the coding but for your convenience, we include the finished code below: