Robotics Training LESSON 13: Program Speed of the Elegoo Smart Car with Infrared (IR) Remote

In this lesson we show you how to program the speed of the Elegoo Smart Car version 3 using the infrared (IR) remote control. We show how this is similar to inputing desired distance, taught in Lesson 12. If you want to play along at home, you can pick up your gear HERE. For your convenience, we include the code developed in the video below.


Robotics Training LESSON 12: Programming Travel Distance with Infrared (IR) Remote

In this lesson we show how to use the Infrared (IR) Remote to program the Elegoo Smart Car. We use the remote to specify the distance in feet we want the robot car to travel.  (If you guys want to play along at home, you can pick up your robot car HERE.)


Jetson Xavier NX Lesson 15: Training the Face Recognition Program to Recognize People

In this video lesson we should you a simple method to train our face recognizer on larger data sets. We use the python os.walk command to step through, and train automatically on all the training images in our folder. We then show how to store our training set to our SD card using the pickle utility. This allows us to train once, and use the trained model over and over.

For your convenience, the code below is what we developed to allow training our face recognition model.

Then this is a simple program that loads the trained model, and uses it to recognize people in unknown images.


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