Jetson Xavier NX Lesson 10: Tracking Multiple Objects of Interest with Servos in OpenCV

In this lesson we learn how to use OpenCV on the Jetson Xavier NX to track an object of interest in with two cameras on two Pan/Tilt servo brackets. The system tracks based on HSV color space, but the same basic setup could be used with other object detection algorithms. In this project we are using the Jetson Xavier NX, which you can pick up HERE. You will also need to of the bracket/servo kits, which you can get HERE, and then two Raspberry Pi Version two cameras, available HERE.


AI on the Jetson Nano LESSON 51: Improving NVIDIA Jetson Inference Library for RPi Camera


Here are the lines of code I used in the video to fix the gstreamer command. You can copy them below. copy all the code, including the trailing colon



Robotics Training LESSON 6: Controlling DC Motor Speed with the L298N

In this video lesson we see how the speed of the Robot Car can be changed by doing analogWrite commands to the Enable pins on the L298N DC motor controllers. The code below presents the results we developed in the video.


Jetson Xavier NX Lesson 9: Tracking Objects with Two Cameras in OpenCV

In this lesson we use OpenCV to track an object of interest based on HSV color value. We are running two cameras in parallel, and track the same object in both cameras.  The code below is provided for your convenience, and is the code developed in the video lesson. If you want to play along at home, you can get your NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX  HERE

In this lesson, we are running two raspberry pi cameras. I like the following ones and have verified that they work on the Xavier NX. You can pick your cameras up HERE.



AI on the Jetson Nano LESSON 50: Introduction to Deep Learning and Deep Neural Networks

In this video we introduce key concepts in the area of Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks, and Deep Learning. We use the code below to demonstrate a simple image recognition capability.