Arduino Tutorial 62: Understanding How to Use Dimensional Analysis

Dimensional Analysis is one of the most important tools used by practicing engineers and scientists, and allows you to convert from any set of units to any other set of units. It provides an a methodical method that takes the guess work out of conversions. This video takes you through the method step-by-step with several examples. The homework should be done before watching the next video.

AI on the Jetson Nano LESSON 40: Training Facial Recognition Models in OpenCV

In this lesson we learn to make training our AI Facial Recognition system simpler and more automated.


Arduino Tutorial 61: Improving Precision of Your Distance Measurements

HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor in a Distance Measuring Project

In this lesson we strive to improve the precision of our distance measurements using an average of a large number of measurements. This builds on the work we did in the last few lessons.

We are building this with parts from our Elegoo Kit , and our actual build is using an Arduino Nano, which allows the project to be built on a single breadboard. You can get the neat jumper wires HERE.

This video takes you through the process step-by-step.

The code developed in this video is included below for your convenience.


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